Premium Botanical Mineral Rich Bath Salts
Premium Botanical Mineral Rich Bath Salts
Coastline Boutique- Beaufort, SC

Premium Botanical Mineral Rich Bath Salts

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Soothe, Relax & Refresh!

Pure Bath Salts, Organic Botanicals, 100% Certified Pure Essential Oils

Bath Soaks are formulated with pure natural food grade ingredients, organic botanicals and pure essential oils to soothe, relax and refresh your body!

Benefits of salts include: 

*detoxifying*revitalize easing muscle tension & soreness*stimulate circulation*relieve stiffness

Benefits of organic botanicals and essential oils include:

Aromatic properties of herbs promote - *relax the mind*reduce stress*help alleviate anxiety and tension*soothe sore muscles*promote supple skin

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan + Epsom + Sea Salt + Dendritic Salt + Polysorbate 80 + (100% Pure Essential Oils) Lemon + Lavender/Lavadin + (Organic Botanicals) Lavender + Hibiscus + Calendula Flowers

Includes: 1 cotton muslin bag

Net WT 4 oz  Listing is for 1 Tube or Pouch.  Glass Jars will be available soon!